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Riza Plastic Industries is one of the well-established companies since 2018, from Riza we created Biomix Plast inline with our long experience in the plastic industries in Egypt, in order to meet the requirements of the market & the customers needs to suit the modern home and in order to sustain our activities in the plastic sector with smart modern products & team of professionals from around the world.

Why Us ?

Biomix Plast had the greatest advantage in the market experiences in the field of producing household items and kitchen accessories of all kinds, as well as contributing to the development of the company day after day in order to achieve the requirements of its customers to obtain great superiority inside and outside Egypt with high quality products and standard specifications and seeks to develop its products permanently To meet the pace of development in the field of production of household appliances, kitchen and tableware Biomix Plast is very interested in smart and modern products for every modern and modern home by expanding its services to suit all tastes and needs of its customers with all that it has

Our products are always trying to find the ways to brilliant ideas to make your life easy and practical. Our vision searching to smart products that adds a touch in your home.


We continuously assess health and environmental risk factors and take preventive measures to minimize risks, in order to minimize our environmental impact, and always using the healthy high-quality material.


The experienced team of exporters, their strong marketing support and their competence in operational processes make our customers' import processes much easier. The service we offer in terms of target date and desired document qualifications in promotional or custom production orders makes us proud of being a reliable supplier for our customers.

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